Paragon Gale is a game based on the 2016 Famicase entry by Mike Lambert ( Made for A Game By Its Cover 2017 game jam. Cute small platformer: secrets, bonuses, upgrades, bosses. Three weeks to develop - three complete levels. Original NES palette and other things from 80s-90s.

    Cristals. Collect 100 to obtain an extra life

    Extra life itself

    Restore 1 HP

    This jug increases your maximum HP

Controls (keyboard):

  • [move] - arrows
  • [jump] - z
  • [hit] - x
  • [pause] - space
  • [ok] - z
  • [cancel] - esc

Controls (xbox360 gamepad):

  • [move] - d-pad, left stick
  • [jump] - a
  • [hit] - b
  • [pause] - start
  • [ok] - a
  • [cancel] - x


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i quite like this! the graphics are really nice, and the music is pleasant. it could really use a midpoint in the second level, though, or at least respawn you right before the boss.

Hey! We've played your game and it is super cute, the graphics and the pallete are all very captivating.
I have some issues with the gameplay, I feel like the hammer's range is a bit too short and the decision of making jumping only available when not moving a bit weird and annoying. Is this on purpose? 
Apart from that we had tons of fun, thank you for the entry!

Thanks for comment!

Hmm, jumping only available when not moving, huh? If I interpreting it correctly - it's some, ugh, unacceptable thing...